I believe home is when you are with someone you love no matter where that might be, that each person laughs uniquely, that cussing can be incorporated into everyday life, that big fluffy dogs make life happier (like way happier) and that hugging can change anyone. I live to love people. Fiercely. Intentionally. Uniquely. 







cups of cofFee a day


years in





My friends would say I live for cozy blanket snuggles. I’d say I live for chocolate, for love, for romance and every little detail where two people get to express themselves fully. I didn't begin my life knowing what makes my heart and soul come alive, but I found it. I found my dream locked up in watching people live their most joyful moments. 

I live for moments like that, I crave them. Those sweet precious glimpses into a love story unfolding. Those times where you know, you are living in one of the greatest moments of history and you never want to lose the feeling of the moment. 

 Those are the times where you would give anything to make the feelings of the moment stand still. My biggest fear? Not being fully present in my own, but my greatest joy? Giving people the permission to be fully present because I am saving it for them. 


joyful, natural, & timeless

"Wherever you go

be all there"

biking with my mom

is top on my list


We ride sometimes 20 miles at a time. Laughing, venting, and occasionally inhaling a bug, or running over a snake. I wouldn't trade these moments with her for anything in the world!

Thanks to my mom, I've got a travelers heart. I have this dream of owning an airstream and driving everywhere with it in tow!

Come explore with me!


Glacier National Park is one of my favorite places!  

You're likely to always find me in a crewneck sweatshirt or a big hoodie. 

I love being cozy.


I especially love ones that remind me
that I'm happiest when I'm outdoors. 

My Samoyeds, 
Alyeska & Callista

Whoever said diamonds are a girls best friend clearly never owned dogs.


Aly was my 18th birthday present from my mom. Best present ever, don't you agree?

Callie, is one of my favorite Montana moments. 

Something I don't share enough of on social media is that country concerts are basically a family bonding experience for us. My brother, Josh, is always the one sending my mom and I a text containing a link to buy tickets. These memories are easily some of my favorites with the two of them. 

Country concert, anyone?


Can you tell we're the happiest when we're listening to our favorite artists at an outdoor venue? 

I have an unhealthy obsession with buying yoga pants but they're one of
my favorite things!

Confession:  None of these have been worn
to a yoga studio...


Are there any other pants out there? I don't think so, I actually live in them. 

I love a good read that I can get lost in for hours, tuning the whole world out. 

Books give a
soul to the universe"


If you've got any suggestions on what I should read next, send me a little note! 

I have a little (big) thing for collecting coffee mugs. I can't walk by an aisle full of them without grabbing a new one! 

But first, coffee


My favorite mugs are the ones that are given to me as a gift, like this custom yeti! 

All year round I find myself wanting to be outdoors, no matter what the weather is like. During the summer,
I love camping, kayaking,
biking, and hiking.
In the winter, I love grabbing my snowboard, putting on my snowshoes, or even lacing up a pair of hiking boots. 

Stay wild and wander


Desserts are my love language and they're definitely the reason why
I work out. I don't have an ounce of will power when it comes to them!

I never met a cupcake
I didn't like.  


Choosing to be a wedding photographer wasn't all about capturing memories, it's for sure because y'all always have cake. 

You know that feeling when you first walk into your home after a long trip? The feeling of familiarity, coziness, and just that it feels so good to be there. That’s what Nick is to me. He is just like coming home.

He is the king of encouragement, selflessly loving me, and reminding me to take time for myself when my schedule is hectic. He is the reason I have fallen in love with Montana, Glacier National Park, and why I’ve got a thing for little evergreens. In him, I’ve found my truest friend and adventures I could only dream of. 

"I could search the world from South to North  but I've already found what I'm looking for." 

The year I went full time.


I've recently fallen in love with the gym again!

I love having fresh eucalyptus in my home.