Jessica Husted provides refined couples with lived-in & lifelike wedding photography from the East Coast to the Mountain West.


Jessica Husted

Wedding & portrait photographer, traveler, outdoor enthusiast & big fan of having multiple hobbies.

For me, being a wedding photographer is about the artistry, of course, but it’s also about loving & serving people well. I aim to create a safe, comfortable, welcoming space for your story and beliefs to be on full display. 

Often described as a people person through and through, I genuinely care about getting to know others, being there when you need someone to turn to, and operating as a professional who can be trusted like family. 

A camera has been glued to my hip since high school. Over the years, I’ve poured myself into education, never staying stagnant, mastering my craft, and earnestly delivering each client’s dream wedding gallery since 2016. I’ll never get over the places this career has taken me - and I’d be honored to be there by your side, wherever there is, as you wholeheartedly marry the love of your life. 

- Jessica

My Approach

Creating the Kind of Images You want to Jump Right Back Into.

On your wedding day, so many different things can beautifully coexist.

You can have an out of this world venue & design, while feeling completely comfortable in your skin. You can intimately marry the love of your life, surrounded by a thriving party on the dance floor. You can care greatly about the details of your wedding while entrusting it to an experienced vendor team who’s there to take care of you.

This level of contrast is not only what makes life exciting and what makes you feel human - but makes for the kind of images you want to jump right back into. Because it’s all right there — your energy, emotions, and dreams, contained within an immovable photograph, yet vibrantly expressing the layers of who you are & your love for one another. That’s what we’re after.

Q: What's on your gratitude list daily?

A: My mom! And my whole family, really. I wouldn’t be where I’m at without their support. I’m simply not me without them!

Q: What's your favorite place?

A: Easy! Glacier National Park. It’s my place to watch the sunrise, document a wedding - anything! Next to that I'd say anywhere in the Rocky Mountains. 

Editorial in nature with mix of film and digital imagery, the JH style
showcases true to life color so you can remember your day as it actually was. Each capture becomes part of an intentionally curated album, enabling you to effortlessly recall the narrative of your day, in rich detail.

Q: What/Who do you miss most when you travel?

My 2 Samoyed dogs! I’m not a crazy dog mom or anything but they really do make everything better in my day.

A Little Q & A With Jess, the Person


Lived-In, Layered & Lifelike

Q: What's your favorite hobby?

Okay, go with me here — shooting sporting clays! At some point,I got roped into it and it’s made my brother and I even closer. 

Live In Your Day & Let Us Reveal The Magic!

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